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Curriculum vitae


Emmanouil Agapitos


7-11-1951, Rhodes, Greece


160 Ypsilantou St., Piraeus


1978 – 1980




Associate Professor


1969 High School Degree
1969-1975 University of Thessaloniki, Medical School
1992-1995 Doctoral thesis, University of Athens Medical


25.5.79-25.9.79: Unpaid assistant in the Department of
Pathology of the General Military Hospital of
Athens 401.
1976-1982 Resident assistant in the Department of
Pathology of the University of Athens
Title of Specialty
1982 Histopathologist
Permit for a Specialist license
1982: Histopathology
Doctoral thesis
“The influence of D-galactosamine in liver of mice, with simultaneous or not administration of Phenobarbital”, 1981, Department of Pathology Medical School University of Athens, Degree “Excellent”.


  • During the last 25 years that I have been working in the Department of Pathology of the University of Athens, I have performed a large number of histological examinations and autopsies with personal responsibility. Especially, I perform a large number of autopsies of perinatal age and I do research of the perinatal mortality. I also perform a large number of forensic histopathological examinations.
  • In addition, I am concerned with Histopathology of the cardiovascular system. I study a large number of biopsies from the myocardium in transplanted or not patients and I am concerned with the research of myocardiomyopathy and arteriosclerosis.


25.9.1979-25.9.1980 Rural service as a doctor in Psina of
1.9.1982-21.7.1990 Lecturer of the Clinico-laboratory
Field, University of Athens
23.7.1990-16.4.1999 Permanent Assistant Professor
17.4.1999-Today Associate Professor in the Clinico-
Laboratory field, Medical School,
University of Athens

Publications in international journals with impact factor

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