Medical School
National & Kapodistrian
University of Athens


Current or recently completed research programs:

  1. APHEA project (Air Pollution and Health: a European approach). Funded by EC, consecutive contracts 1992-2004; Member of the coordinating research group.
  2. CASCADE: Concerted Action on Seroconversion to AIDS and Death in Europe ( Funded by EC, consecutive contracts, last contract 2006-2010. CASCADE established in 1997 and is a collaboration between 26 cohorts of persons with well estimated dates of HIV-1 seroconversion. Member of the SC; WP leader; Greek partner PI.
  3. COHERE: Collaboration of Observational HIV Epidemiological Research in Europe ( and www/ Funded by various Agencies. Established in 2005. Member of the SC; Greek partner PI.
  4. INSIGHT: International Network of Strategic Initiatives in Global HIV Trials ( Funded in 2006 by the NIH, USA. Member of the cardiovascular and the HIV inflammatory interests groups. National PI and co-ordinator in the studies: SMART (Strategies for Management of Anti-Retroviral Therapy; completed in 2006), START (Strategic Timing of Anti-Retroviral Treatment; ongoing), Influenza studies FLU002 (H1N1v, outpatient study) and FLU003 (H1N1v, hospitalization study; both ongoing).
  5. EuroCoord: European network of HIV/AIDS cohort studies to coordinate at European and International level clinical research on HIV/AIDS ( ). EU Funded Network Of Excellence 2011-2015 (ongoing). Greek partner PI.
  6. HIV-CAUSAL: HIV Cohorts Analyzed Using Structural Approaches to Longitudinal data ( Funded by the NIH, USA (ongoing). Greek partner PI.
  7. AMACS: Athens Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study. Established in 2001 (ongoing). Funded initially by the Hellenic Center for Infectious Diseases Control. PI. AMACS participates in CASCADE, COHERE, EuroCoord and HIV-CAUSAL.
  8. HEPNET.Greece cohort study. A multicenter study of persons with chronic hepatitis B or C infection. Funded by the Hellenic Center for Infectious Diseases Control (ongoing). Head of the Data Management and Statistical Analyses Center.