Medical School
National & Kapodistrian
University of Athens


Department of Hygiene Epidemiology and Medical Statistics

The Department of Hygiene Epidemiology and Medical Statistics of the University of Athens Medical School was established in 1936. The Department is training medical students in Medical Statistics, Epidemiology and Research Methodology, Preventive Medicine and Occupational Medicine; dental students in Biostatistics; and pharmacy students in Epidemiology and Research Methodology. Four postgraduate courses are run by the Department: Preventive and Social Medicine; Biostatistics; Health Education and Health Services; and Occupational and Environmental Health. More than 15 Doctoral Degrees in Public Health and/or Epidemiology are awarded each year. The Department has a faculty of 19, mainly medical doctors, but also biostatisticians and other health professionals, and is supported by administrative and technical personnel. Every year, more than 50 papers are published in the international peer-reviewed literature.

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